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realitysucks is back! Site back up again on new permanent host!

Feb 28 2012     Report errors!
by Cassiopeia | 6015 Views | 10 Replies
Last few days I've done a truckload of changes to old member groups, access lvls to archived forums and much more. I've also manually removed old mods, such as a selfwritten wowhead-itemstats package.

We don't want the forums to only reflect the past, we gotta make some space for the new stuff as well! (You'll prolly notice a new section for Diablo III as an example. A similar one for Guild Wars 2 will come soon as well.)

So due to this some ppl might find some forums have vanished. Please lemme know of anything *weird* you stumble across. Smiley

...and don't forget to tryout the Mumble server!
Feb 23 2012     We're baaaaaaack
by Cassiopeia | 12782 Views | 78 Replies
Welcome back all! It took about two months longer than expected, so all things considered, not that long right? Cheesy

Anyways I just finished setting stuff up and rebuilding the database on Dreacust's new awesome connection! Hope things work as expected.

(And don't forget to signup for the Guild Wars 2 beta! https://beta.guildwars2.com/)

Dec 30 2011     Downtime due to host swap!
by Cassiopeia | 2374 Views | 0 Replies
Edit: Reopened the site over New Year's weekend so more ppl get to see this. Shutting down the current hosting deal bugged out so it'll prolly run til Monday here still.

However, when it goes down it goes down suddenly so I've already done the last backup of the database and all files. This means that anything added or written inbetween might not be there when the site comes up again!

Expect around a week (hopefully max) of downtime as the site will swap over to Dreacust's new permanent host! Current hosting deal runs out by New Year's, and to extend it by another quarter didn't seem like an option.

It should hopefully just be around a week as the connection starts up (new fibre), and then setting up the box and transferring over the database etc. Let's hope it goes smoothly.

Happy New Year's btw!
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